What is Liberating the Curriculum?

Liberating the Curriculum (LTC) is a UCL-wide initiative to celebrate teaching and practically create a more inclusive curriculum. It aims to move away from the conventional curriculum that is traditionally male dominated and Eurocentric, and give marginalised voices more attention when topics and references are chosen.

At UCL Medical School, this project is particularly important to us; when we are doctors we want to be able to provide the best possible care to all of our patients. By mapping our curriculum we are aiming to identify gaps in the education that we are provided, and create a manifesto for change.

At the LTC symposium in June 2017 we heard from many of our staff and students about some of the teaching that has already been implemented at the medical school, as well as thoughts from many of our students and educators about areas that still need work. We hope that by sharing some videos from this event that we can generate  a conversation that leads to further ideas and improvements in our medical education.

LTC - student and staff 1
Thoughts about the Symposium from audience members.


By Gemma Wells and Maihma Lamba


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